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The light version of Outlook Web App includes fewer features. Use it if you're on a slow connection or using a computer with unusually strict browser security settings. We also support the full Outlook Web App experience on some browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. To check out all the supported browsers and operating systems, click here.

Connected to Microsoft Exchange
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This computer, Sotera Defense Solutions network and connected systems, and storage media (hereinafter Sotera's IT System) are for official use by authorized personnel only. Their proper use is subject to Sotera's Information Security Policies. All activities may be monitored, recorded, or copied by authorized personnel. Any data or information stored on or sent over Sotera's IT System may be used by the company as part of any internal investigations, disciplinary proceedings, and/or provided to law enforcement officials. Failure to use Sotera's IT System in accordance with Sotera's policies, rules, and regulations may result in the revocation of your right to utilize Sotera's IT Assets, and/or be grounds for discipline, up to and including termination. Users shall have no expectation of privacy with respect thereto, and your use of Sotera's IT system constitutes consent to these conditions. 2